About Governance

SDS is governed by Board of directors (BoD). Boards of Directors main structure for organization’s programs and has control over them. Board of Directors repetitive for each matter of organization and can make decisions for completion of activities and programs. The Board of Directors has power to form a Sub-Committee from the members of organization according to need of time. Board of Directors can hire on pay suspend any employee for organizational activities and make decisions for the TORs and Job descriptions of employees.

There 11 members in BoD out of which 06 male and 05 are female. The members in BoD are elected for the period of two years. In 2010-11 there were 3 meetings of BoD held on 11/11/2010, 30/01/2011 and 22/5/2011. The main agenda of all three meetings was the emergency response and the effects of emergency on development projects. The Board provided valuable guidelines to SDS implementers. Members of Board of Directors do voluntarily work and not get any remuneration against any activity. Boards of Directors decide the General Body’s meeting, time, place and agenda.