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Main Objective of the Project:

To envisage an enhancement of women exist work, their skills and their craft to improve their income generation abilities in District Hyderabad. The aims of this grant are to:

  • Mobilize  home based workers, specifically craftswomen and artisans, for the formation of village-level groups/committee;
  • Work with the home based worker groups/committee to refine their existing skills through providing skill training and make their products market-competitive;
  • Establish Trade Facilitation & Communication Center (TFCC) at the district level to act as a marketing/sales/communication point for the home based workers.
  • To create linkages of Women Home Based workers (WHBWs) with Social Security Schemes available in Hyderabad

Scope of Project:

Initial mapping will be done to identify the range of handicraft and/or products being produced by women in the district Hyderabad. On implementation efforts will increase their income level and the related geographical hubs in which these are based. This would be followed up by efforts to organize these women, where they remain unorganized, or to re-invigorate these groups where they have become stagnant or in active. It will also provide an opportunity to rally these groups on their rights as well as link them with existing social security schemes. The SDS will also set up Trade facilitation & Communication Center (TFCC) that are to be long- term established catering to the ongoing needs of women home based workers.

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