Program and Thematic Areas

SDS is actively involved in the different sectors of development and has following core programs:

  1. Awareness, Advocacy and Capacity Building (Awareness and advocacy for different social, political and economic issues, Capacity –Building of gross -root level CBOs)
  2. Human Rights (women, children, special children, minorities, and socially excluded groups)
  3. Women Empowerment (economically, socially and politically through social mobilization, enhancement of their skills, exhibition and marketing of handicrafts, introduction of new skills and occupations for women particularly rural women)
  4. Primary Healthcare Care and Education (reproductive health, family planning counseling, awareness regarding sexually transmitted disease, HIV/AIDS)
  5. Basic Education (Formal, Non-formal, Adult literacy)
  6. Micro-Enterprise Development (skill development, income generation)
  7. Environment and Sanitation (Plantation, awareness)
  8. Research and Publications (conducting research on various issues and bringing out a quarterly newsletter Auratazad on women issues)